Monday, June 16, 2008

Woo hoo for Taylor!

Huge congratulations out to Taylor Phinney today on his record breaking pursuit! This pretty amazing youngin' set a new junior world record this afternoon of 3:16.589! He's only 17 and turns 18 next Friday. Make sure you keep an eye on him and cheer loudly for him in Beijing!

I was so hoping that both Mike Friedman (Meatball) and Brad Huff smoked the track and both been partners in Beijing. Bobby Lea clocked an automatic entry yesterday and both Mike and Brad met the time standards to qualify today but I don't think we get to find out which one fills the 2nd spot until 7/1. Grrrr.... I hate waiting! I love Meatball and after his Gold in Beijing in the Scratch race in December I so would love to see him back there in August. I also love Brad so to have them both going would've been super sweet! But now it's out of their hands and we have to wait to see which one is going. I tried to check out partners in the last few races but it was taking longer than I wanted. I think Meatball has been riding with Colby Pearce and Brad with Lea. I have no idea how easily partners for the Madison can switch up. I believe they've all been teamed up at various points and they're all super talented amazing guys so I'm not sure it really matters. Still curious though.

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GG said...

Sometimes you are so mean to me. How come I am the only one who will ride with you and yet if I can't make it one week (or a few weeks in a row) I catch all kinds of grief. I want a list of all the people especially those who live closer to you that could ride with you and I am going to start calling and harrassing them to take my place on the weeks I can't go. :)

Erik said...

Should being born a Phinney qualify as a performance enhancing dose of DNA?

Nikki said...

Erik, that's pretty good! I love that kid and hot damn if he isn't just amazing. That family is so talented and gifted and I've been told one of the most down to earth families you'd ever meet. I could not be more excited for Taylor right now. He broke the record 3 times this past week so I was stoked to hear it was recorded again Monday! Good stuff!!!

Nikki said...

Oh my goodness GG... would you like some cheese with that wine? You so know I love you and love our rides together. I just need to give you grief though as I was okay with the 1st week. Then bummed with the 2nd and then the 3rd - Jeepers! And as for a list you already have it so feel free to give them crap!