Sunday, June 15, 2008

Who needs power?

Yeah, well like I selfishly do, okay. And considering where I work, I should hush up but it was frustrating today. Power popped off shortly after noon and I think it came back on sometime after 7 tonight. On one call I made it was reported that over 1200 homes in the area were out. It also estimated time back on about 4-4:30. They've gotten really good with the estimates but this one was off a few hours. The kicker was it going out after the serious storms had gone through earlier this morning and it was sunny.

Hoping it was short term, I got my shower in and then went with Miss Heather and the kiddies to the park. We opted to walk down to a different one versus the one right behind the houses. The other one has a huge pond and water fountain which is easy to enjoy. The walk there seemed a bit longer than we remembered and I laughed as biking over there never took more than a minute or two. :-) Little Jake and Miss Autumn had some fun and then the clouds came rolling back in so we headed back. Miss Autumn decided she wanted to walk with me instead of sitting in the stroller. Then a few blocks away I was carrying her. Luckily I love her to death and didn't mind a bit. :-)

I played a couple games with her when we got back to the house. Had a beer with Miss Heather after the kiddies went down for a nap. Then headed home to let my girls out again. I had kept the house closed up as it was still cooler than outside. Then they call to tell me Mr. Mike is emptying the sum pump in the basement as we're getting more rain. Lovely. So downstairs I go and start bucketing water out and carrying it up and dumping it down the drive way. Did that for about a 1/2 hour. Mike said he took out about 25 gallons and then made fun of me as I opted to use a garbage can to carry more out at a time. Hey, it worked.

When power came back on I got the laundry started again and read up on cycling. I did catch up on several magazines this afternoon that I hadn't gotten to but my day's to do list barely got touched. Cleaning, bills paid, laundry, etc all delayed. The good thing is I got a bike ride in yesterday. Today would've been great between storms but didn't want to be too far from the house with water level issues going on.

Yesterday's 2016 orientation was pretty enjoyable. I was excited before but after the meeting I am even more so. Good stuff going on with the planning and developing of the final bid proposal for Chicago. Very excited and hope to get some volunteering in over the next few months as training and such. Filled out the forms for the background check to be started and watched some pretty good video's they put together. This year being an Olympic year makes it even easier to want to get involved. Not sure it will ever change as I get older - I LOVE the Olympics! Great athletes representing their countries and going for gold. The stories are inspiring and it's worth every minute of time spent following and cheering them all on!!!

Having some serious sleep issues again (awake until after 4 am Friday night, having to be up by 7:30, then out by midnight last night only to be awake again before 3) has been taking a small toll. Even tonight I know I should head to bed (like now) but I have a few more things to wrap up and I'm honestly not tired in the least. This stinks as then I lay there for hours trying to fall asleep. And if I was tired and headed to bed at like 11 like a more normal time, I'd be awake by 4 for sure. Can't seem to win right now and have yet to figure out what's triggering this round. I only average maybe 5 hours on good spells which isn't bad but that's a high average. 4-5 is much more like it and then it all hits me and I crash hard but not well. Oh well though, not much can be done right now.

I hope everyone had a really nice weekend and a Very Happy Father's Day to all the dad's out there! I miss mine terribly and I look forward to my stop next weekend with the girls to see him and catch up for a little bit. Funny how he is still one of the best listeners I know and yet he's no longer with us. Miss ya dad. :-)


GG said...

My Daddy said he would make you blueberry pancakes anytime you want to come up and visit. I think he liked hearing that you mentioned wanting to know when he was coming to visit so you could have blueberry pancakes. I haven't decided when I will get my trip home, but I hope soon.

Have a nice weekend with your family and I promise to go for a bike ride in your honer on Sunday. If you had your bike rack I would say take your bike there looks to be a great trail that follows that highway.

Nikki said...

In my "honer" huh? Puh-leeze! You hate it but I would think you may want to soon as the next ride is down here and I'm thinking for the serious slacking, a 3 hour ride is almost a given. :-)

If I had the damn hitch the bike would most certainly be going with this weekend. I might take the wheels off and put it in anyway. Although I'm pretty sure I can take my mom's for a ride. Just need to make sure I have the helmet along. I've been wanting to ride the highway trail up there for ages.

Red is getting B Friday and they both want to go to Grafton Saturday. I might ride with him to take her back Sunday. We'd be back before the race that night but I'm already dreading traffic coming back. So either I come back super late Sunday night or figure out something for Monday morning. I won't know the rider list until probably Saturday and that will most likely decide if I stay for the race or not.

I should head to bed. Got a work out in tonight and a bike ride so hopefully that will help offset the ordered lunch we're having at work tomorrow.