Saturday, June 7, 2008

Tornado Warning Weekend

Today has been productive but the weather has been wicked to say the least. We've got weather watches, followed by warnings, followed by sightings, followed by more watches and then more warnings. For the most part I really like living in Will County but news like this often gets the phone ringing from family back home. The tornado touch downs stayed clear but the storm itself caused enough of a headache.

I was going to stay completely off the computer today but with the storms that came in it cut the yard work short. I at least got the lawn cut (which I think is growing by the inch everynight) and I got some of the tree trimming done I needed to. I have a bit more to clear out but there's always next weekend. The afternoon was used for some housework but tonight I opted for some TV and computer time on the couch.

Tomorrow, weather permitting, we have a nice long ride planned. Of course there's more racing too. The guys are in Philly for the final race. There's the final stage of Luxembourg and then the start of the Dauphine. Along with that I have a 4 year old's birthday part to get to. Busy busy.

In relaxation mode I read up on a lot...

A good read was found in The New York Times by Jonathan Vaughters. He offers some great advice for the climb. Get on with it. Don't be self-conscious. Relax. Pedal all the way around. And The little engine that could. Slipstream noted Rule #2 and it is so true. I can totally agree that you just can't worry about how you look. I personally like Rule #5. Keeping that "I think I can, I think I can" attitude is key. If you believe you can and you work towards it, in most cases you will. Good stuff - thanks JV!

Lucas Euser has been writing columns for NapaValleyRegister:
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The Tour of Luxembourg is going on. Christian won the overall in 2006 and it doesn't surprise me at all seeing CSC doing well. It's a good race.
TeamCSC - Prologue: Cancellara Flying in Luxembourg Prologue
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TeamCSC - Stg 4:
Podium Spot for Frank Schleck
DP: Tour de Luxembourg

I tried to stay away but with no luck... enjoy. :-)
Radar: Viva le Burrito! Tour de France riders team with Chipotle w/Pics!
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