Monday, June 23, 2008

Misc Cycling Updates

Having a super busy weekend made it hard to keep up with everything going on. On a daily basis things are pretty easy to go read. After almost 4 days my email both at home and work were ready to explode. Quick congratulations to George and Mel Hincapie on little Enzo. Mel had the baby on Friday and all read's that they're both doing well!
Catching up finally and putting things here that were enjoyable and worthy reads...

Local Weekend Racing:
I was back home and went to watch the Giro di Grafton on Saturday and crit in Sheboygan on Sunday. Both were a lot of fun. Both Chad Hartley of Jittery Joe's and Garrett Peltonen from Bissell were there. Garrett finished 2nd Saturday night and Chad finished 3rd in both. I've been unable to find results so I'm not sure where Garrett finished on Sunday but know he won a couple money laps. See my entries at Podium Cafe for quick write ups and pics. I'd post more of the pics, especially from Sunday with the better camera but it took some time to link them.
PdC_Nikki: Giro di Grafton
PdC_Nikki: Sheboygan

World Record
Frazz-comic: Taylor Phinney (way to cute not to check out!)
Versus: Mike Friedman Profiled
TheMorningCall: Lea gets a leg up earning Olympic berth
TheVancouverSun: Canadian rider using Tour de France as Olympic warm-up Edwards, Ball to line up in Six Day events
MikeFriedman: Time Will Tell

Route du Sud:
Slipstream_Danielson: Ready for Route du Sud
Slisptream: Route du Sud stage 1: Martin 5th on stage, 4th in GC with fat time gap
Slipstream: Route du Sud stage 2 ITT: Martin, Lowe top ten; Martin 2nd overall
Slipstream_Martin: All I had to do was ride hard...
CW: Dan Martin moves up to second in Route du Sud
Slipstream: Prince of the Pyrenees Dan Martin climbs to top of Route du Sud GC!!
Slipstream_JV: The difference between good and great
Slipstream_Martin: All for one
CW: Martin moves ahead in Route du Sud
CW: Martin: How I took Route du Sud lead
CN: Daniel Martin: Recycling the family name
Slipstream: As a first for Team Garmin-Chipotle H30, Dan Martin wins 2008 Route du Sud!
CW: Martin: "A lot easier than I expected"
WillFrischkorn: 2 weekends, 2 wins
CN: 32nd Route du Sud Results
PodiumCafe_Gavia: First Wins! A Pair of Profiles

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