Sunday, June 1, 2008

CSC Invitational, P-R Espoirs, and more!

Today has been a busy day in cycling! Lots of good stuff to read up on and follow. (Updated 6/2 with more links below and photos from CSC Invitational.)

The CSC Invitational
One of the other races besides the Giro's final stage going on. Sadly, coverage is often dismal on races here in the states but thanks to friends at PdC and some great bloggers, we have good stuff to read tonight!

CSC Invitational: Home Site
VN: CSC Invitational kicks off big week of domestic racing
PodiumInSight: Previewing CSC Invitational
PC_SuiJuris: CSC Invitational Preview
Slipstream: Martijn's American debut
Slipstream_Cozza: Cruising DC with Slipstream

I haven't found full results but VN had the top 10. I'm hoping CN at some point updates for a full list. Kudo's to Maggy for flying off the front from early on. I am thinking that it had to be a sight to see him (being the bigger guy he is) and the other little guy behind up off the front of the pack. I can't wait for pics in the morning from Mark to be up. It was good to see Brad up in the front after missing so much with the knee. Kudo's for Rollin with the 2nd place being there with out a team. Good stuff.

1. Luca Damiani, Colavita-Sutter Home
2. Dominique Rollin, Toyota-United
3. Karl Menzies, Health Net-Maxxis
4. Brad Huff, Jelly Belly
5. Luis Amaran, Colavita-Sutter Home
6. Francois Parisien, Team Race Pro
7. Chris Jones, Team Type 1
8. Roger Hammond, High Road
9. Ben Brooks, Team Type 1
10. Vincente Reynes, High Road

Slipstream: CSC Invitational: Maggy Most Aggressive
PC_SuiJuris: CSC Invitational - Post Race
PC: SuiJuris: CSC Invitational Women's Pro Race Photos
VN: Damiani, Cheatley claim CSC crowns
PodiumInSite: CSC Invitational - breaks and lead out trains

BryanVaughan: CSC - Great Day
WillFrischkorn: Crit Racin!
BradHuff: What is wrong here?
PPOL: Toyota-United Scoops up Six Wins in the Past Week in Preparation for Philly Week
Slipstream: CSC/Philly Photos
CN: Photos - Will, Tyler & Fast Freddie, Maggy, Rory
PC_SuiJuris: CSC Invitational - Men's Pro Photos (Mark has some awesome shots!!!)

Paris-Roubaix Espoirs
Another race was the young guys Paris-Roubaix. I've noted the US finishers below. When Alex writes about it, I'll try to remember to come back and link to it. Great job by Danny Summerhill!!! He truly is one to keep an eye on.

Alex Howes: The Big Show
AlexHowes: My Worst Fear

1 Coen Vermeltfoort (Ned) Rabobank Continental 4.21.21 (41.439 km/h)
7 Daniel Summerhill (USA) USA National Team
29 Austin Carroll (USA) USA National Team 2.16
60 Alex Howes (USA) VĂ©lo Club La Pomme Marseille 13.02

Slipstream: Danny Summerhill 7th in Paris-Roubaix Espoirs
U23 Paris-Roubaix: Summerhill 7th
AlexHowes: Crazy and now Pics!

Some other good stuff:
MilesWatson: Philly week welcomes strong contenders
TheMorningCall: Locals cycling for pinnacle (note on Lea, Meatball, Huff, & Pearce)
TheMorningCall: Big bucks, big improvement (more velodrome info)
EuroPeloton: Commerce Bank Triple Crown of Cycling 2008: 'Benna' Comes to America
TheExpressTimes: Smooth cycling for Beijing hopefuls (Meatball & Lea testing track)
Taylor Phinney wins ITT at Tour du Pays du Vaud
TeamCSC: Confidence Boost for O'Grady
TripleCrankSet: Commerce Bank Tripe Crown of Cycling Men's Field Announced
EuroPeloton: Commerce Triple Crown Roster Mystery as Pro tour Team Rosters Not Complete
MikeSayers: Philly Week!
PodiumInSite: Philly week amuse-gueule or the Commerce Bank Lehigh Valley Classic
LancasterOnline: Racers for Allentown, Reading, Philadelphia
USA Today: 'Fast Freddie' finds kinship with renegade Rock Racing founder


Lyne said...

Paris-Roubaix Espoirs report (quick translation)

After a serious crash on the first cobblestones at Troisville (at km 51), the race was neutralized and a second start was given before starting the Viesly pave. A 5-man break escaped and would only be caught at Tilloy-lez-Marchiennes (km 109). At this point, the main field was only about 40 riders.
Finally, it's at Cysoing (30 k to go), that the right break escaped. It included Coen Vermeltfoort and Bol (Rabobank), Brambilla and Locatelli (U.C. Bergamasca), Beuret, Joseph (Beveren 2000), Debusschere (PWS Eijssen), Summerhill (Slipstream), Avery (Soenens) and Brouzes (Nogent). They would never be caught and the rae finished with an 8-man sprint (as Debusschere & Locatelli were dropped).

No mention of Alex in the reports or in the live news:

Nikki said...

Lyne - thanks so much for the notes on the race! I smiled when I saw that gavia posted some stuff too. I was trying to find out more about it and I'm looking forward to reading from Alex once he recoups from it. I meant to say thank on here much earlier but work and PdC kept me busy today - ha ha!! Thank you!!!