Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Yeah for Slipstream!!!

It was made official today - Slipstream Chipotle presented by H30 is now going to be Garmin Chipotle presented by H30! Very Very Very Good News! The past week has been exciting when it comes to team sponsors. First was Team CSC adding Saxo Bank. Then Team High Road adding Columbia. Today Slipstream adding Garmin. Great stuff for the three teams I love following! The Podium Cafe link below also includes some chatter with the press conference today, along with some giggles.

Getting a title sponsor is not easy work and it's exciting to see great teams getting confirmations before le Tour. The new kits will be released with the Tour's opening events and I've been assured we are not losing argyle and that the kits look sharp. Good stuff! I'm looking forward to seeing what High Road's new ones will be like and of course can't wait for the new Slippie outfit. I'm hopeful they keep the burrito in the back pocket as that always makes me smile when I see it!

The Tour de France is still a couple weeks away and I am already stoked to tune in. I thought I was glued to the Giro this year but the Tour will be even better. We get to watch it live and on TV - everyday!!! Can not wait! I'm even working on moving my work schedule around so I can catch the morning viewing and then head into work. If I can manage that, life will be pretty sweet. Work is picking up again so it could mean some long hours but late nights are nothing new. And if I'm still not sleeping by then, it'll really make no difference how late it gets. :-)

I've been guessing who will make up Slipstream's tour team since probably early April. I'm excited about the team and what they're doing and it will be great to see them at the big event. I have a pretty good idea on the roster and I'm hoping for some favorites. :-) Just another week for the official list and I'm hoping a change or two pops up to make it my dream team! Waiting to find out I'm sure will drive me goofy. The one sad missing link will be DZ for sure but I am hoping his back is feeling better everyday and that he is treasuring the time with little Waylon.

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GG said...

Have a fun time this weekend.

Nikki said...

Already up here. Totally tired but glad I drove it last night and not this morning.