Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Garmin Tour Team Announced

And I am so excited with it! Hearing bits and pieces over the past couple months and seeing injuries come and go, it's always a gamble guessing early. Back in April I had guessed: C, DZ, Maggy, Juilan, Millar, Pate, Will, Lowe, & TD. Since then DZ has fractured his back and Tommy D is well, I'm not sure. (Actually considering something like Lyme or some other something that needs specific testing to check out could actually be affecting him.) I'd say that my guess was not too bad. Ryder and Martijn should do well but no one will take the place of DZ and I'm going to miss seeing him there. I hope he heals up to make the Olympics.

I am super happy for Will making the team. Having followed him since his Fresh Korn entries hit VeloNews last March and having the pleasure of emailing with him since later last year, I truly could not be happier to see his name on the final list. Great stuff. He's one of those that has made solid progress over the years with hard work and works hard for results for the team (let's look at MSR earlier this year again shall we...) and kicks some serious ass! Plus he's a great teammate and friend to the guys so to see all those things he's been working at pay off with a trip to the Tour for him - Awesome! Serious kudo's to him. Happy Happy!

I'm already really excited for the Tour. I dropped C an email yesterday wishing good lucks and happy birthdays. Leah's bday is tomorrow and little Uma's in on Thursday. Hard to believe it's been almost a full year already. I can only imagine how touching those thoughts are for C and Leah. It's been a pretty amazing run and hopefully great things are going to continue right on into the Tour.

Great stuff and now I hope that Will and C both write on the team site and for VeloNews during the Tour. I've always loved C's diaries so hopefully they'll be brought back over the next several weeks for some great perspective and some good laughs. Good Luck to the whole team!!!

Garmin-Chipotle, presented by H30 for Tour de France
Magnus B├Ąckstedt (S)
Julian Dean (NZ)
Will Frischkorn (USA)
Ryder Hesjedal (Can)
Trent Lowe (Aus)
Martijn Maaskant (Nl)
David Millar (GB)
Danny Pate (USA)
Christian Vande Velde (USA)

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Erik said...

What's up with Tom D? After the video in Girona I thought that he was all systems go. Do you know? I can't seem to find anything that says he is sick again.

Erik said...

Wait. Found it. Still his health. But I find it odd that we heard nothing before hand. I thought he was in. I'm kinda bummed.

Nikki said...

Here is Tommy D's entry on the Tour. I've heard and read he's had some reactions and illnesses but nothing more than what's been written on the net. I know he was targeting the Tour but IMO it would've been a gamble to take him. I was okay with fewer results healing up but I just don't see him finishing races. That's crucial at the Tour. Crashes and such happen but endurance to stay with it, I'm not sure TD has right now. I hope he kicks some butt back here in the states. He needs to focus mentally with some solid boosting of his confidence.