Monday, June 23, 2008

Busy Weekend

What a jammed pack weekend. Started with a 22 hour run on Thursday and just kept going. Got up to WI after a 3 1/2 hour drive and crashed as soon as I got in the house at 2:30 am. Got up when my mom left for work about 6.

Read and updated some stuff I had to take care of and then headed over to my cousin's to watch the Tour de Suisse. Fun stuff there sharing the race. Then caught up on some cycling reads and before I knew it my brother was back from getting my niece. Went and spent some time visiting them. Then we decided on where to meet for dinner later and I took a small nap while watching Euro2008. Such fun to be able to just chill for awhile. Red and B got caught in the rain on his bike after dinner and then B came and spent the night by us. I was dead tired but her and I still sat up and played games from Sorry to Yahtzee to Uno. Gotta love chilling out back home.

Saturday was a packed day. I had to run a bunch of errands in the morning and attempted to help my Aunt and Uncle out with grad party set up stuff. Caught up with my other cousin and his wife who were home. Went back to my moms and watched a little more soccer. Then off to the grad party and catching up with family. Mike is huge into computers and is going into the Marine Reserves this fall. He was having a LAN party with his friends and I have to say it was quite the site to see like 20 computers all hooked up in their basement playing games. The Wii was hilarious as Mike had it hooked up to a projector on the wall and guitar hero projected to life size on the was worth every laugh had! From there my mom and I headed down to Grafton for the race.

That was a lot of fun. The bars along the course were enjoyable too. I met Chad Hartley who my mom is now a huge fan of. The race was enjoyable and had several turns to go watch and some small climbs to add some excitement to the race. After that it was back to my moms and to bed!

Sunday was busy too. Got up early again and went to check up on some cycling. Then got back and headed out with Red to take B back to WI Dell's to meet back with her mom. About 6 hours later we got back and changed our plans of going out during and after the race. Red decided to head into work and I headed off to see the race in Sheboygan. Another enjoyable evening. The course was flat and pretty short so the riders flew around every couple minutes. After the race I went and talked to Chad and got a picture with him. Then it was time to head back to my moms. Jay was having seizures and the weekend might've been too much for him.

After that we grabbed a bite to eat and I headed out for home. I drank a bit too much coffee to make sure I stayed wide awake though and once I got home I was wired. I think it was about 5 or so this morning when I finally crashed. I know it was light out. I slept for a few hours and then got back up to take care of some work stuff and to bail out my email. It amazes me that I was only gone 4 days yet had over a hundred emails. Good stuff and nothing urgent but wow. Now tonight it's an attempt to get back to work and schedules. Augh....


GG said...

John wanted me to yell at you as you were supposed to send him a link for something relating to you conversation on Sunday and you didn't.

SO CONSIDER YOURSELF YELLED AT! Okay you better send him the link or I will have to do that again.


Nikki said...

I sent it over last night. I think it went to your home address. You'd think with being up until the wee hours of the morning I could've sent it sooner but honestly, once home, everything left the brain and I chilled catching up.

GG said...

Please don't shoot the messanger he told me I had to yell at you, but I didn't really to want to.

Crummy day out wish I could have stayed home.