Monday, June 2, 2008

Serious Monday

Y'ouch is about the best way to describe today. The only fun things at work today were the great work out this morning I ran out for and then coming back to see our wiffle ball group back over on the garage. Just as one of the guy points them out, they hit the ball clear off the roof. We think it landed on the restaurant below. Dopes. We're thinking of making our intern go check it out when he starts! Ha!

Lot's of teasing at work today too with none of us wanting to be there. FoodWhore was gone on vacation all last week so we had some catching up to do. Mgr decided that Weird Al's White and Nerdy was his theme song! Then of course since I'm laughing they turn on me and say I would have no chance what so ever on the old tv show Laugh Out Loud. I would so rather be the one laughing and having fun versus the cranky witch people dread! Busy day though even with all that with month end close going on. A serious killer headache that nailed me as I walked out of the office tonight at 7:45. I even tried to go to bed earlier but no such luck in sleeping. Time for more meds in a bit.

The weekend was awesome. Couldn't have asked for better weather and great race viewing. Between all the Giro enjoyment, there was a lawn to be cut along with trimming again. I love my yard but all the borders that look nice are a bitch to trim every other week. Saturday I got a call from Mike next door that started with, How's my favoritist neighbor in the whole world? Yeah, like one couldn't see something coming from that! Funny man but glad I could help as it was simple and painless.

Sunday was even better. GG bailed on me with riding for the 2nd weekend in a row! The nerve! So I went on my own. No complaints as the scenery was reeaaally nice with the weather rockin' the way it was. She missed out. Heck, even her hubby would've enjoyed some of it! Ha ha! Oh, and GG I found the owners of the piles left on the course. 4 really big horses. Only lapped them once and then headed to the hillier area. I'm so making you do that section next time we're over there as revenge on bailing on me! This Sunday though I'd love to head back over to Lemont again. I like that new one there.

Good, fun stuff. :-) Friday's stage of the Giro was exciting and was followed up with some fun drinking game goofing around over at Podium Cafe. I really am now truly wondering what people watching ctv are thinking as they hear Brian and Anthony give us some shout outs. Hilarious! For your reading enjoyment in case you watched it and were wondering: Giro Stage 19, Saturday's all out gigglefest - Stage 20 Part 1, Part 2, and Post-Race. Then later the thread QOTD was worth a few laughs.

Today we had some fun with - And So Much For All That from Chris and one last Gossip d'Giro from Gavia, the hang-over edition - Gossip dello Giorno. This last one even included links to video games. Pretty funny on the SD site crashing Piepoli and Ricco!!!

After all this fun I am going to try again to get some sleep. The head is pounding and I doubt it was from work. Most likely the nasty pressure drop from the storm coming in. Migraines just suck! Happy Sleeps All!!!

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