Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wednesday Headaches

I have to say that traffic in Chicagoland has this week gone from bad to completely craptastic. This mornings commute sucked with 355 moving at the speed of a turtle. What I didn't realize while getting annoyed then, was that was a good thing as we were at least moving. Tonight's drive home was a very solid 1 hour and 10 minutes. Ugh! After it taking over 25 minutes just to get to 355 and seeing the backed up parking lot as far as I could see north and south, I opted for the back route. It took forever to get over that way but once I did, I was moving at speed limits for the most part. I didn't bother with the traffic reports once I decided on the alternate route so I have no idea if there was an accident or if it was from the construction nightmares going on. One would think they could do a road or section at a time and hit with full force crews and then move on to the next section. Nope, here we take every route possible and tie up miles and miles of roads all at once for the entire summer.

Once I got home I needed something to ease the tension so I worked out again. I was at the gym this morning and had already felt like I had gone to war with the elliptical (38 mins at yet another resistance level up) and was a bit sore but it really looked like rain and the weather chatter box I got from my mom was going off with tornado watches so I figured the sunroom would be a wiser choice.

Now tonight I'm just reading up on stuff and admiring C on the cover of VeloNews. I'm so happy for him and after they lost John's dad Sunday, the mag cover was well worth some more smiles. Some exciting news is that Chicago is now a candidate city for the 2016 Olympic Games!!! That is so exciting and I can so not wait to hear from John how the party was! So many fun things to follow and hear about as that continues to grow, especially the cycling parts!!!

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