Thursday, February 14, 2008

2008 TOC Preview

Happy Valentine's Day All! Hope you've each had a sweet day!

I'm quickly falling behind with my emails as work is kicking back up but I wanted to make sure you could check these video clips out. They're from the Versus Tour of California preview that aired last weekend. I'm linking the cool clip of Team Slipstream and the one of Team CSC. The hour preview was a nice intro. There's a quick recap of TOC 2007 along with a few others.

This weekend we get Tour of Qatar on Saturday and TOC on Sunday and then TOC the rest of the week although I don't think it airs until like 10 pm each night.
Versus Tour of Qatar coverage:
Saturday, February 16th @ 6PM ET
In 2008 the Tour of Qatar will be one of the landmark events to kick off the cycling season. For the 7th time, on Sunday the 27th of January, more than 130 of some of the world’s leading riders will be at the start, intent on arriving at the finish on Friday the 1st of February and focused on capturing the gold, silver or blue jersey or the team ranking, according to individual talent and ambition. This race marks the 2008 debut of americas hope for this years tour de france, team slipstream presented by chipotle. But Tom Boonen has made his mark on this race and will look to continue his winning ways.

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GG said...

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! A little late, but better late than never. Glad you will have some cycling to watch to help releave the stress of work.

I hope you give others as much grief as you do me about not reading or commenting on your blog, I have been the only one lately.