Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tour Headlines Today

I read a blog or two earlier that truly had some opinions. Part of me understands organizations not wanting scandals this year so they are opting to say enough, you're simply not invited. But, it doesn't appear to be the same treatment accross the board, where if that was truly the incentive to say no to a team for previous issues, then wouldn't there be a few more being told they're not getting one? Another part of me says, Astana, like others, are putting changes in place to improve and move forward from past mistakes. So, with following that, wouldn't the new group deserve an opportunity?

I'm a fan of most of our US cyclists (especially those camped in Girona) racing over in Europe and I will admit I feel really bad for Levi and Chris Horner today. I believe they are some of the good guys and to not be able to see them ride in the Tour is disheartening. I think we all have opinions (good, bad, and indifferent) on Johan and Lance but to have watched Levi and Chris get to the levels they'ves gotten and then not be able to compete for reasons not of their doing is disappointing. They're good guys and they're really talented and they give many of us someone to cheer for and be excited about.

Being tired and a little run down right now I find myself not knowing what to think. For now, I'm going to continue getting excited about the TOC coming up this weekend and I'm going to be cheering for C and Team Slipstream (and still keeping an eye on Jens and company from CSC). I'm ready to watch some good racing and ready to see some of my favorites back on TV and getting the season rollin'!

Have a good night and stay warm!

p.s. Jane called trying to cheer me up earlier. She was driving and she comes up behind this car that has a sticker on it that says... "Fat people are harder to kidnap!" Now if that bit of humor doesn't help bring a smile when feeling tired from working out, what will?!? Just smile, life's too short not to!

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