Monday, February 11, 2008

Meet Piglet!

I had to share this picture Jane sent. Her and John have stray cats in their area (they're not even in hodunk cheeseland). A week or so ago, they coaxed this cutie inside from the cold as they were worried she wouldn't make it. They took her to the vet to have her looked over and it was discovered she had a big gash on her side (the shaved area) that was getting infected. It was a very good thing they got her in from the cold and to the vet when they did. They operated, cleaned it all up, and sent her home with the funny cone thing so she could heal up. She's already a part of their family and is doing good. The poor things is pretty cute and I'm sure she's really happy to have such a good home.

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GG said...

She is so cute. She so badly wants to snuggle with Littlefoot and Sister our other cats (incase your not Nicole and don't know my cats), but the girls aren't sure what to make of that ugly cone on her head. I think they think she is some alien not another cat.