Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Lunch Break

I just got off the phone with John and I still say, I could talk to him for hours with all the stories that he has. He's the reason I follow cycling and how I started following C. His sharing all the stuff he does is one of the reasons I love it so much. It's like keeping up on the goings on of my brothers through dear old dad! Getting updates from him on C and the gang always makes the day a little brighter and today was certainly no exception.

I talked to him a few times while he was out at the race and today's call made for a great lunch break. The crashes that went on and him seeing the CSC family and the epic 7+ hour day where it took hours for the guys to thaw is the kind of stuff I could listen to for hours and then probably listen to again a few times over. I'm not sure if it's because I love following these guys and they've become like admirable hero's of mine or if its because John shares the stories with so much heart but I can never get enough and the stories - they NEVER get old to me. :-)

I've watched the Overcoming DVD and C's and Freddie's broadband racer entries and I'm not sure how a person could not love Jens or after last year's Tour and the cute commercials, not have a soft spot for Fabian. When I hear stories of Jens cracking C up with how his kids kick him out of bed and Fabian's big bear hug hello, it really makes me want to meet them even more.

John's red-eye flight home Sunday night and the "bug" that hit the peloton along with many of us watching (not sure how that worked but somehow it did) has taken a toll on him but hopefully he'll be able to stop for a hello tonight.

Yesterday I had come across the VeloNews interview of Christian from last year after the TT and I have to say, I found it pretty funny with the "Awesome TT yesterday!" comment from Neal. Funny, as I think that same comment was made by most this year. I've followed C long enough to know the boy can TT and I loved it last Friday when he flew! He looked pretty good up there on the podium and those pics of him with Uma on Sunday - too cute.


GG said...

Ok help us cycling challenged individuals and what does TT stand for?

Yeah for C and the whole Slipstream team on their great TOC (Tour of California - for those cycling challenged individuals).

Love ya Nik

Nikki said...

You're too cute! TT is time trial, the race of truth. :-)
The coughing fit last night turned out to be just the start. The ribs currrently feel like they've been hit by a Mack truck. I don't know that I've felt pain like this since I had walking pnemonia in both lungs a couple years back. The pisser is other than the pain of coughing, I feel good.