Sunday, February 17, 2008

Time down in the Ice Box

What a weekend?!? Once again I am not sure where the time has gone but I have enjoyed another break with less work and more rest. Today I spent a lot of time working out while taking breaks to warm up and doing what I can to clear out favorites and cookies from the computer. The whole time I kept wondering when and IF the rain was ever going to stop. The storm that rolled in late last night has kept the sump pump going all day. The rain was a pure down pour earlier and even in the basement, you could hear the hail and wind tourmenting the house. The back yard, it looks like an underground pool at this point.

Spending a lot of time down here in the ice box (aka basement) today is really making me look forward to getting my new lap top in a couple weeks. Not being one to know a great deal on computers, I've spent hours checking them out the past few days. Thankfully places like Gateway and Dell will listen to what you want to use it for and "build" you one to best suite you. Then with that info as a solid starting point, it's on to checking out deals and packages that meet that. A little nicer than shopping for a car but still stressful in wondering if a decision made is a good one. Thus far I think I've checked enough things out to be pretty happy.

Yesterday I spent some time going through a boatload of pics that I had of Christian. Last fall he gave me a signed jersey and I'm getting it framed. The guy doing it tells me to include some pictures to frame with it and it sounded easy at first until I had to decide which ones to include. My goal was to keep it from 2005-2007 while he was on Team CSC and after a late night, I think C would like the ones I've pulled out. I used to pull the stuff I found of him and send it to John since John was blocked at work from cycling sites. It surprised me a little to realize how much stuff I had.

In going through emails earlier I found a nice article on Slipstream Ego's I thought I'd share. There's a pic of C from the Postal Days. The article explains C's role a bit and shares some notes from the riders.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend and stayed warm and dry!

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