Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Latin Lesson

Today, being a bit stressed and most certainly pretty tired, I received a latin lesson from a co-worker that was almost priceless. :-)

He heard about my stress last night dealing with Mr. Dumb Ass's (DA) 10:30 drunken, button pushing, "get under my skin and irritate the crap out of me" call and knew it would be a long day today for me with not having gotten any sleep (this after a day yesterday that began with me being awake before 3:30 am and at work just after 6:30 - damn those sleep fairies, I swear they have something against me!).

He's known me since I started here so he is pretty familiar with Mr. DA. At lunch, while I'm trying to watch some TOC on their website (very enjoyable this week I might add) I start getting calls and emails from Mr.DA. It just about pushes me over my limit of what I can take being this tired and my co-worker sadly hears this going on. He comments on how I really don't need this right now and I couldn't agree more.

As he's trying to help ease my tensions today by throwing out some jokes (which I am pretty much known for always being in a good mood, laughing whenever possible) and those not working very well, he comes over and hangs up a sign that reads:
"Nulli Bastardo Carborundum"

It translates to - "Don't let the bastard grind you down!" It brought a quick smile and some fun conversations to the rest of the afternoon. :-) It wasn't much and I hate that people at work see the stress DA causes me but at least today I was able to pretty quickly put it aside thanks to a quick latin lesson from my co-worker.

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