Monday, February 25, 2008

New Computer

I'm hoping Jane is laughing to her hearts content tonight from my calls. My new laptop came in today - 2 weeks ahead of the scheduled date, which is pretty sweet. Needless to say I am far from a computer geek so as I opened the box I almost prayed for one of those idiot proof step by step directions as to how get it up and running. There wasn't anything "that" simple included but I did quickly get it plugged in, powered up, semi set up, and now on the net so kudo's to me. For those that know me, know that this is something of a miracle as I've lost most faith in figuring somethings out these days. But, thus far, I have to say this new computer is pretty sweet. The next step is to plug in the wireless "stuff" and try my hand and getting all that going. Don't hold your breath - it may take a few more calls of Jane laughing at me to get it. I'm thinking at the moment that this weekend might be a better time to try it, although if the weather continues to this way, I'll be working from home tomorrow on the work laptop so who knows what will happen. :-)

I hope everyone around here made it home okay tonight. The roads were bad a few hours ago and I'm sure they only got worst. I made the decision to bring my work home with me tonight as with the coughing I've been doing, trying to shovel and then go to work might not be the best combination. I'll still have to shovel but at least then I can take a very long hot shower and let my lungs regroup a bit. I swear (not trying to be gross) but there can't be anything left to cough out. If I didn't cough, I'd actually feel really good. Just sucks when it starts as it hurts so much. The fever of 101.7 and 101.4 for a few nights certainly wiped me out. It was "really" hard to just sit back and watch the TOC online all weekend. Pure punishment! :-)

I hope everyone stays warm and drives carefully. I'm off to try and remember the actual web addresses to the sites I check regularly through my favorites on the other computer!

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GG said...

What's even funnier is that we are just two blonds trying to figure this out over the phone. I'm glad you are up and running so to speak. Don't work to hard on that shoveling.