Monday, February 4, 2008

Christian VandeVelde's Broadband Racer Collection

Going through emails this weekend I found some old ones that I had sent John and Peg at one point or another. Instead of just deleting them - as its good entertainment - I thought I'd put some of the links here. Enjoy!

Broadband - I'm not sure what ever happened with it as the entries and interviews they did were enjoyable. It was mostly 2006 with a small intro into 2007.

Christian Vande Velde Interview Part 1 - Who has better hotels, Europe or US? What does C think about Floyd and Levi? How good is CSC? C's goals for the season?

Christian Vande Velde Interview Part 2 - Top 10 in Giro? Life as a Team Leader? What did happen to his dad's Olympic road bike?

Video Diaries - I came across 1 but still missing Episodes 2-3.

Episode 1 - Paris-NIce, C's broken clavical, Jake's debut.

Episode 4 - CSC Bus and BBQ at C's place.

Episode 5 - 2006 Win, fireworks in July.

Christian Vande Velde, '06 Wrap up Interview Part 1 - C talks about his best season ever and how CSC responded to losing Basso on the eve of the Tour.

Christian Vande Velde, '06 Wrap up Interview Part 2 - How CSC turned their tour around, Jens Voigt's secret mantra, and danger in Britain.

Episode 6 - Teammate chats, World's prep.

Episode 7 - 2006 World's, season wrap up.

Episode 8 - Season 2 - C takes Jake for a "walk", intro into Famous Daves.

Vande Velde 2007 Episode 2 - The team is eating at Famous Daves - see Jens like never before.

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