Saturday, February 2, 2008


Today is a little different for me. I've been pretty much working everyday since probably Thanksgiving (less the few days off from the accident at Christmas) so to be told yesterday that I am to enjoy a weekend off, it's a little different to have time at home to do what I want. My girls are pretty happy at the moment with me being home (by then end of a week with 12-14 hour days and hours on Saturdays and Sundays, they pretty much hate me). They are loving the attention and I am enjoying spoiling them. I'm getting some serious house cleaning done and finally getting to the laundry too which is certainly not a bad thing.

Looking forward to tomorrow. A massage and outing early in the day and then relaxing later on. Being the Packer Fan I am, the Superbowl doesn't really interest me much this year, although there's a small part of me that wouldn't mind seeing the Patriots spank the Giants. It will hopefully be a good game.

The Slipstream boys are on the cover of VeloNews Magazine this month with a fold out spread cover. If you want to see a little more of the fun they had for the shots, check out the video on Velo with audio clips from them.

Check out Christian's audio/video interview posted on Missing Saddle. Last Fall I brought back some steaks, burgers, and brats from Miesfield's up in Sheboygan where I grew up for Christian and John to enjoy after the season. Hard to beat the stuff that place puts out. I hear C say that he parboils brats? What?!? The beer, butter, onion mix is to put the brats AFTER they've been cooked to keep hot and tasty - not to pre cook them. Soaking - good, boiling - not so much! We'll have to try to get him corrected before this fall. :-)

Make sure to check out Mike's and Will's video's as well that hit last week. Meatball is just too funny and even more so as it's just who he is. Score for him on his pretty awesome Track Racing recently. 1st in the Scratch Race in Bejing and 5th in the Madison in LA with Colby Pearce. Pretty impressive! The young Taylor Phinney is certainly going to be one to watch too as he's been on fire on the track.

Hope you enjoy your Saturday and keep an eye on races tomorrow!

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