Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Long Day

Today seems to be never ending. I got up early to check on weather and decided it would be best to work from home. It's a great advantage to be able to do it but right now, being like 8:30, and still on the computer I have to wonder if going in wouldn't have made for a shorter day. I got a lot done but I think I work longer when from home. Oh well.

I shoveled this morning and it only took about an hour for my lungs to recover from coughing. Felt great shoveling and then came in and the coughing fun began. Ouch. After that though I really did start feeling better overall. Friends were freaking me out telling me this bug going around lasts for weeks. Can't afford that so I'm glad it's improving. Just in time to meet the group I used to work with including John and Peg tomorrow night for celebration drinks and catching up. Hopefully I'll continue feeling better and hopefully there won't be too much of a hangover. :-) Seeing those guys is always so much fun!

Haven't looked at the new computer all day and after working with the work one all day, it will sit until tomorrow. Still need to go shovel the end of the driveway now that the plows are all done so I don't have to do it tomorrow. I'm signing off and hopefully will make to bed before midnight. Still don't sleep much and have a book or two to read from so the night is still young!

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