Thursday, February 21, 2008

Very Exciting!

Okay... If you're not a fan of cycling - you really should be! Yesterday's Stage 3 of the TOC was filled with excitement from start to finish. I'm lucky enough to get to listen to the live feed from the website while I work and as things catch my ear, I take a look at what's going on. Yesterday was hard not to want to watch the entire stage! I ended up calling John a couple of times as it just kept getting better and more intense.

If you have an opportunity, the live feed from the ATOC website is pretty good. It's the entire race(!) from start to finish, not just a recap of it like on Versus at night. I'll admit with flat stages, the recaps are often enough but yesterday, the recap did nothing to show the efforts and work put into the results. I'm a huge fan of Slipstream and yesterday those guys just impressed the hell out of me. Plus yesterday, DZ was Frankie Andreu's pick to win the stage so that got him into things even more!

It started out early in the day with Steven Cozza making a valiant effort to get up to the break away. Then on the climbs, there is Millar and Zabriskie leading the Slipstream guys. I know Zee can climb but it still impressed me just the same. For a bit, every move Levi made, Dave was right on his wheel. The guys (missing a video feed or moto camera or something yesterday) seemed to struggle to keep us up to date with who was where but that only seemed to add to excitement of watching. Once Levi got a gap, you just knew that DZ would hook up with Millar and C and the gang trialing not too far behind. When that happened, it floored me to hear that Cancellara was in that group too! The guys hauled butt and I think most of us watching were sitting on the edge or our seats hoping they'd be able to pull it off and catch Levi but the gap was kept to 19 seconds! On a stage where a minute or more wouldn't have been dismissed, 19 seconds works. It was awesome. Would've been close to perfect had they caught him but still - what an effort!!! The guys like Millar and Cancellara made some serious noise and Slipstream and CSC tried with everything they had. Huge Kudo's guys!!! I am very impressed with Millar this week and I will surely be glued the next couple of days.

I got an email from John last night and C was never dropped from the groups yesterday as what was thought with the haziness of who was where. Per him, that last 25K was awful! Still huge Kudo's to him and the boys for giving it all they had to try and get Levi back.

An enjoyable article this morning was found on in the Boulder Report on our beloved Mr. Zabriskie. I recomend the read if you have a few minutes. Here's a shot of the back of the Slipstream jersey. Pretty funny.

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