Sunday, February 24, 2008

Weekend Recap

The top Three Celebrating: Levi, Dave, and Christian!!!

HUGE KUDO's out to Team Slipstream and especially Christian on his 3rd place overall!!! The team looked great this week and Millar most certainly gained huge amounts of respect and admiration from me. The team did great and guys like Cozza and Pate in the breaks were awesome. I for one can't wait to catch up with John later this week. I talked to him through out the weekend and I would imagine that the party tonight is a good one! And a huge shout out to George today! I was very happy to see him win the stage after all the time out in breaks he did this week.

I have to say one of my favorite bits from all the articles I read was on VeloNews and it kind of sums up the excitement! Those that follow C know that he can time trial with the best and Friday's TT put him on the podium where he stayed through today!!!

“I thought Dave [Millar] was going to have an incredible day today. He’s finally feeling very comfortable with the team and has become a real leader,” said Slipstream-Chipotle manager Jonathan Vaughters. “Christian was a surprise. That was f-ing awesome.”

On a blog I read earlier tonight the writer handed out awards for the week and C got the "Best Ride of the Race." On another fun bit that surfaced after the stages is the story of Bobby Julich's yellow rear wheel. The owner of the wheel shares the story and it's one I'm sure he'll never forget.

Dave Zabriskie is always a great read. He's been writing for USA Today all week. A bit of a gross note came from today's live commentary on CyclingNews. I believe I read or heard that Randi doesn't care for the beard either. Dave is Dave though so who are any of us to comment. He may want to note though...
12:07 PST
Dave Zabriskie just learned the reason why bike racers to not grow facial hair: he tries to blow his nose, and it just doesn't quite go clear of the 'stache. Eeeeew.

The TOC is wrapped up and Slipstream was awesome!!! They came out everyday to play and it was great to follow. Big Kudo's over to Will and the guys as well as they raced both Saturday and Sunday and from what I can find, it looks like Will finished 37th in Haut Var today!

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