Sunday, February 10, 2008

Frickin' Cold!

The weekend has quickly disappeared. I'm sitting here tonight catching up on cycling, reading emails, and trying to warm up. Currently it's -3 and with the wind (which can still be heard roaring outside) it is stated to feel like -23. Good God, can it get much colder!?!

I've always liked snow and enjoy the season changes that we get in the Midwest but at this moment, I can do with out having to shovel again for awhile and I would love to be able to let the girls out with out having to put a coat on just to open the door! Earlier this week, I got Miss Heather giggling with my complaint on shoveling one morning. It was the morning after one of the big dumpings we got and I had already shoveled one round the night before. The mounds around the driveway and especially at the end of the drive, were to the point in which they were at my limit to toss the shoveled snow up and over them. Being the girl I am, well... I throw AND SHOVEL like one and if we had not gotten the rain we did, I'm pretty sure I'd have been screwed. Luckily the piles went down and they are eagerly (that's how they are) waiting to be back up to tree branch height again before season's end.

Talking to my mom the other night, she said they had gotten about 10-14 inches from the same storm and that quickly shut me up. She has a snow blower but still, that much snow at a time, is too much! One nice thing, if there is such a thing, I try to keep in mind though, if it is snowing - chances are far greater that the temp is way better than the single digits, and most certainly better than this negative degree crap! I think I'd rather shovel than freeze!

Squeezed my fat butt in my jeans from like a year and a 1/2 ago so that was a good feeling this morning- well almost, maybe after I figured out how to breath in them again. It was nice to feel something good from all the working out. Last night, while trying to struggle through the elliptical (still sore from Friday's DR appt) I decided to go hands free for awhile as it forces some focus and a better leg work out for me. Then I decided to try it backwards. I have to say it felt really good once I got it going - up until that point in which I lost focus on what I was doing, and almost fell backwards. The thought of hitting the concrete sunroom floor caused me to quickly refocus. Luckily I grabbed the handle and only ended up killing one finger and it's nail. I'm now wondering... should I be wearing my bike helmet while ellipticalling?!?

On a little different note, this morning I ran to Jewel for a couple things and I swear - the kid bagging my groceries, he looked like he was lucky(!) if he was 10. My friends that were over this afternoon just laughed. But, I wasn't exagerating. It wasn't like I thought he was just a young kid and I don't want to accept I'm "in" my 30's now, and "kids" (anyone under 21) are working, this kid really looked like he was lucky to be 10, okay maybe 12! Aren't there laws against that?!? That of course got the whole doctor discussions going and I was promptly told I was not old enough to feel like my doctor was too young to be one. Too Fun!

Well it's getting a little late. If I didn't struggle to sleep, I'd have long signed off but that just doesn't look to change anytime soon so maybe I'll read some more of
Mr. Frischkorn's recommended Happiness Hypothesis. So far it's been good but in the past week, I've read two other books in between chapters that require less concentration. I'm seriously thinking I should've waited to read it until the hours at work slowed. Anyways, hope you have a great week and for goodness sake - STAY WARM!!!

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GG said...

After leaving your house last night I stopped to get a few things from the store. If I was smarter I would have realized nothing I had to get was so important to get out of the car and into that freezing cold.

I am ready for our weekend bike rides this spring, even if my body doesn't think so.