Friday, February 22, 2008

Stage 5!

What a very cool day to be glued to the computer! Christian finished 3rd! And yes Peg, you beat me to making the note! I did enjoy you yelling at me for not updating you fast enough with what was happening. I think the John in you came out! Tee hee!!! HUGE KUDO'S to C though as that is just totally awesome. Then to have Mr. Miller in 2nd! Very, very cool! Frankie Andreu had again picked DZ to win. His comment on the newly updated, and pretty awesome team website was way to him regarding the prediction of the stage!

After yesterday's horrible stage with over 7 hours on the bike for the guys and the rain, today hopefully was a relief - if there can be one. I've been sick the past couple days and I think just watching the race yesterday brought on my 101.6 fever last night. It actually hit 101.7 but that was only during my impatient waiting for the NyQuil to kick in. The cough is still here in force but the fever has been much lower all day today. The better weather in which to watch the guys today and great results helped too!!!

I'm off to get some rest. Make sure to check out Versus tomorrow and since it's Saturday, tune into the ATOC's website for really good live feed!!! Good luck to the guys and good sleeps to all!!!

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