Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Fast Freddie Broadband Racer Video's

I haven't followed Freddie Rodriguez as religiously at C but he certainly is one of the good guys to watch and almost always full of heart and fun! Sadly, his website hasn't been updated in awhile. I'm not sure what happened with broadband racer but the video diaries the guys did are fun to watch - enjoy...

Episode 6 - Tour of Denmark

Episode 7 - 2006 Vuelta Prep

Episode 8 - Lost Tapes V1: Volta a Catalunya

Episode 9 - Lost Tapes V2: Training in Girona with "friends" on C's b-day.

Episode 10 - Lost Tapes V3: Tour de Suisse, chats with Robbie

Episode 11 - 2006 Vuelta

2006 Wrap Up Interview, Part 1 - Look back on '06

2006 Wrap Up Intervirew, Part 2 - Worlds, US Pro and 2007

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